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Our mission

Our mission at The Wandering Heart Project is to ensure foster and homeless children of all ages throughout Massachusetts have access to basic essentials and clothing.

About  us

The Wandering Heart Project is made possible by our wonderful volunteers, generous donors, board members and our co-founder.

Amanda Durante

Bridgewater, MA

Amanda resides in Bridgewater with her husband, 3 children and dog Oliver. She was a pharmacy technician for 15 years , but in September 2020 left to become a stay at home mom and is able to focus full-time on The Wandering Heart Project!  

How it  started

In September 2020, Samantha was collecting clothes around her house and from neighbors to donate to children in the foster care system. A local social worker then reached out asking for the location of the organization and was disappointed to hear it was a distance away. That's when Samantha had an idea. She immediately started calling and texting family and friends stating that she was going to start collecting clothes for foster children to distribute to local DCF offices.


When Samantha called Amanda to ask if she had any to add, instead of offering clothing, Amanda immediately wanted to be involved.  Having experienced difficult times in their own childhoods, both friends understood the hardships many youth in the system face.

After discussing and then researching, they realized there was a need for readily accessible essentials and clothing for foster and homeless children in Massachusetts. They immediately sprang into action and in minutes the idea for The Wandering Heart Project was born (mostly via text message)!

Initially Amanda and Samantha thought they would start small, collecting clothing donations in corners of their homes. However, after just reaching out to family and friends and creating their first posts on social media, the outpouring of love and support from their community was overwhelming! Their little donation corners grew.

How it's going

The Wandering Heart Project manages donations from their warehouse in Rockland, MA. 


WHP makes regular donations to foster children all over Massachusetts along with children experiencing homelessness.


As of January 2021,

The Wandering Heart Project

is a registered 501(c)(3).

"Thank you for the clothes for that mom and daughter. When she came outside the shelter to get her bags she had summer clothes and open shoes. She was very happy to receive warm clothing."

Kind words from our community

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